Dax Lee

Dax Lee


Dax Lee is a leader of the San Francisco Bay Area electronic music scene. As one of the area’s top promoters, Dax has worked relentlessly over the past two decades to provide quality music at the finest events. As a VJ, he has broken new ground in designing and mixing compelling visuals. Now, at long last, Dax has taken the reigns behind the mixer to present his own unique musical vision.

Dax Lee grew up in the sunny mountains of Santa Cruz. His late father chose the name Dax from a fictional work by the author Harold Robbins. Diogones Alejandro Xenos - or ‘Dax’ for short - is the hero of the gritty heroic novel “The Adventurers.” As the book sleeve states, “Diogenes for the fabled seeker of truth, Alejandro for the Conqueror of the World, and Xenos being a family name ... he was born in a land of suffering, passion, and brutality ... and came to manhood with the fearless heart of a killer and the searing sensuality of an unmatched lover.” And while Dax is farthest from anything resembling a killer, the quality of the heroic which is his namesake definitely resides within.

Dax came of age in the nascent rave scene of Northern California in the early 1990‘s, from the Wicked Full Moon parties to the Sweatbox in Santa Cruz. By 1994, he embarked on his illustrious promoting career by co-promoting the second Raindance party at Brookdale Lodge in Santa Cruz. By the end of the decade, Dax had built a reputation for throwing some of the best underground parties in the area.

In 1999, Dax moved into VJ’ing with his first gig at the ESDJCO Invitational. His motivation to begin VJ’ing was to address what he felt was the weak point of most events: the visuals. Using innovative live video mixing techniques, Dax established himself as the premier VJ in the Bay Area, performing for the likes of Derrick May, DJ Dan, and Afrika Bambaataa.

In addition to his warehouse parties, Dax began throwing numerous club events with great success. The legendary Slide parties, the annual Capricorn event, and the Nexus camp at Burning Man are just some of the high-caliber functions Dax has masterminded.

With almost 20 years of events under his belt, Dax has developed a holistic approach to parties: every detail needs to be right in order for everything and everyone to come together. Taking this knowledge to heart, Dax moved from behind the scenes to behind the mixer. Dax brings a wealth of musical knowledge and party experience to his role as a DJ. From deep bass-driven house to vintage techno, Dax mixes the latest sounds together with classic vibes to create an enduring euphonic journey.

Since beginning his foray into DJ’ing, Dax has quickly established himself as a creative force behind the decks. Understanding that there is a right track for the right moment, Dax brings an eclectic palette to his DJ gigs. This musical range has garnered Dax opening slots for some of the world’s top DJ’s including Seth Troxler, Mark Farina, Little Dragon, and the Dirtybird crew. With a wealth of experience and knowledge at his fingertips, Dax Lee has developed into a selector extraordinaire and one of the San Francisco’s top talents.

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  • House
  • Techno